Reflective Bike Apparel is a bright idea

Reflective Bike Apparel is a bright idea

Even though the days are longer now, it’s not uncommon to find yourself biking home after dark. Cyclist safety is an important consideration for anyone looking to spend time on a road bike but not all safety wear is created equal. Several studies have found that high-visibility is not as effective as reflective apparel when it comes to preventing incidents on the road.


Specialized Deflect Reflect jacket has 360 degrees of visibility

Specialized has done an excellent job integrating high visibility colors with reflective accents on many of their apparel pieces but their standout item is definitely their Deflect Reflect jacket. Wind- and water-resistant with zip-off sleeves, the Deflect Reflect is a top of line piece that gives riders all the traditional benefits of an outer layer; nutrition pockets and UV-50 protection while turning them into a giant reflector.


matte grey in indirect light and a brilliant reflective white in direct light with blaze orange accents


If you do want a combination of hi-viz and reflectivity than consider Specialized’s Deflect jacket.


hi-viz with reflective accents makes the Deflect jacket easy to notice

The Deflect jacket doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Deflect Reflect jacket; no zip-off sleeves, less rain resistance and fewer pockets, but it still provides reflectivity and UV-50 protection.

Many studies have found that reflective accents are best utilized on parts of the body that are in motion; legs, hands and helmets. This sounds like common sense – if something is moving and shiny it’s going to be much more noticeable. Some items, like the Club Ride Shift jeans have reflective accents sewn into the seams at the bottom of the pants.


The Aardvark leg strap offers reflectivity and protection from chains

If you’re looking for something smaller and more transferrable, Aardvark Reflective Leg straps protect your pants from hungry chain rings and offer reflective material where it counts; on a moving leg.

It goes without saying that no amount of reflective or hi-viz gear can provide a rider with 100% protection – but one study found that over 60% of riders involved in accidents were not wearing any type of reflective apparel. Be smart and be safe on the roads – stop by your local ERIK’S shop and check out our wide range of reflective-accented cycling apparel today!

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  • I am an avid biker and so I am always looking to find hi viz clothing. I agree with the studies that suggest that reflective accents are best utilized on parts of the body that are in motion. I have had different drivers tell me that they were able to see me when they saw parts of me that were moving. Then they knew I was a biker.

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