Get outside and go bicycle camping

Bicycle camping, or bikepacking, combines so many great things; it’s like a s’more. The graham crackery goodness of exercise and fun on a bicycle, the  chocolatey solitude and natural beauty of camping, and the marshmallowy softness of waking up to bird calls and camp coffee as opposed to your neighbor’s car alarm at 5:30AM.

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Madison Mountain Biking: Quarry Ridge

Madison is a gateway to many amazing bike trails in Central Wisconsin, but if knobby tires are more your style, don’t fear – there’s great single track located in Madison as well! Quarry Ridge Recreation Area is located right next to Verona Rd/151 – but you’d never know it zooming by on 151; it’s tucked back …

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Twin Cities Bike Trails

If you are looking for some great places to bike in the Twin Cities area, you will find no shortage of trails, lanes and paths that can get you just about anywhere in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Over the years Minneapolis has found its name on a few different lists claiming to be one of …

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Casual Cycling Shoes

Sometimes when people think of bike clothing, they think of Lycra shorts, aerodynamic helmets, and funny shoes. But biking isn’t always Lycra and aero. Sometimes you just want to hop on your bike and head to the coffee shop with friends, or go for a casual ride around the lakes. Believe it or not, you …

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