Shop Ride Highlight: Low Road River Ramble

If you are looking for a fun group ride that goes through the Minnesota River Valley, then you should check out the Low Road River Ramble out of our ERIK’S shop in Bloomington, MN. This ride starts at 6pm every Tuesday evening. This is a ‘no drop’ ride and all skill levels are welcome.

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Exploring the Great State of Wisconsin

Summer is officially here and there’s no better time to get out and go for a ride. Looking to explore a new corner of the state this summer? Wisconsin offers a tremendous diversity of landscapes; from the heavily wooded Northern counties to the rolling hills in the center of the state to the craggy bluffs …

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Preparing for Bike Events

As the warm weather approaches, so do those bike events that you committed to for the summer. Maybe they are charity rides where you will ride 25-40 miles. Maybe they are races that you have been training all spring for or maybe they are multi-day rides where you will be riding anywhere from 150-300+ miles! …

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