Shop Ride Highlight: Low Road River Ramble

Shop Ride Highlight: Low Road River Ramble

If you are looking for a fun group ride that goes through the Minnesota River Valley, then you should check out the Low Road River Ramble out of our ERIK’S shop in Bloomington, MN. This ride starts at 6pm every Tuesday evening. This is a ‘no drop’ ride and all skill levels are welcome.


Leaving from the shop, the ride will start out on pavement, but they make use of the many curbs and city terrain to add excitement to the ride before they get to the trail. LRRR3

There are a couple ways that the ride will use to get down to the trail. As they work their way around the Mall of America, they eventually will hook up with American Blvd. From American Blvd, they will either drop down the hill on Long Meadow Lake Trail by the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge or continue on to ride the bike path across 494 to hook up with Fort Snelling State Park Trail that goes right under the 494 bridge.

LRRR A fun thing about this ride is that once you’re on the trial, the ride can go a variety of different ways. It can be different from week to week, but you are still riding in the same area. Riding down at the river bottoms, you will find a variety of different trail styles. There could be single track, double track, and fire roads all on the same route. So you’re always in for an adventure.


Since you are riding so close to the river, you may find areas that have been flooded due to heavy rain. Be prepared to maybe get a little soggy depending on the condition. But this just adds to the excitement and adventure of this ride.


No matter what the outcome of this ride ends up being, you’ll always be in great company. The ride leaders always make sure that you are having a great time. And don’t worry if you are new to mountain biking, the trails are very forgiving and the riders are very welcoming.

If you are interested in joining this ride, bring you bike and gear to the Bloomington store every Tuesday evening. The ride starts at 6pm, so make sure to come a few minutes early. If you are interested in checking out what other group rides ERIK’S has to offer, check out our ride calendar and join our Rider’s Club Facebook Page to stay updated on any group ride changes.

No matter what type of group ride you are looking to do this summer, stop by your local ERIK’S to get all the gear you need. See you on trails!

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