Trail Highlight: MN River Bottoms

Trail Highlight: MN River Bottoms

If you have not had a chance to explore the Minnesota River Bottom Trail, then we highly recommend that you make it your next trail to visit.


Bloomington Ferry Entrance

Located on the north side of the Minnesota river, the trial has two trailheads. One starts off of Bloomington Ferry Rd and Crest Ave. Head east from the parking lot and take the gravel path down the hill. The trail will soon turn into singletrack.


Lyndale Entrance

The other trailhead is located at the end of Lyndale Ave underneath 35W. From that parking lot you will head West on a gravel road until you see a singletrack trail on the left. That trail will wind around until it connects up with the main trail.


For the most part, the trail runs right along the River, but there are sections that split off for added fun features. This trail is mostly flat, but there are optional technical features, like log roll overs. Since this trail is flat, it is a good place for beginners to ride, but keep in mind that there can be sandy sections that make pedaling difficult. Another note of caution is that this trail is a two way trail and it is also used by hikers, walkers and runners, so make sure to be aware and respectful of others that are using the trial.


With this trail running so close to the river it periodically floods in the spring and with heavy rain. With that, areas of the trail get covered in sand and silt. An interesting feature of this trail is that it can be ever changing with the flood waters. Features of the trail can come and go with the rise and fall of the water.


The River Bottoms is also a great place to ride in the winter time. It is a favorite trail for many fat bikers. There are a variety of ERIK’S group rides that utilize the trails in the winter time and a couple groups that use it in the summer time. Check out our group ride calendar for more information on our summer group rides and if you are interested in winter group rides be sure to check back to our website in October.

Before you hit the trial be sure to stop into your local ERIK’S for any riding gear you may need. See you on the trails!


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