Stay Motivated & Ride Anywhere with Smart Trainers

Stay Motivated & Ride Anywhere with Smart Trainers

Have you ever wanted to cycle a grueling climb in the Alps? Maybe you’ve dreamed of doing a stage of the Tour De France? Or the entire race? Now you can do any number of famous cycling routes and more with the new generation of Indoor Cycling Trainers: Smart Trainers, the smarter, better, more capable sibling of the old boring trainer you have sitting in a forgotten corner of your basement collecting dust.



An indoor trainer has a lot of benefits: it keeps you in riding shape when weather doesn’t cooperate, you can get a great workout without having to go to a gym, and you can use the bike that you are already comfortable riding on. But cycling on a trainer can also be incredibly boring; even dedicated cyclists can have trouble motivating themselves to ride indoors. But with new advancements in technology, trainers can take you on rides all over the world and get you motivated again.


The biggest advancement in trainers are Smart Trainers like the Wahoo KICKR, Wahoo KICKR Snap, Kinetic Road Machine, Kinetic Rock’N Roll, and the CycleOps Magnus. A smart trainer makes riding inside more like riding outside.


Smart trainers can sync with many different fitness apps, some from the trainer manufacturers and many more from outside vendors like Zwift, Sufferfest and TrainerRoad. Some apps can take you outside and onto actual courses – virtually.  When connected to a screen you can watch the countryside go by. With the app, an equipped smart trainer can increase or decrease resistance to match the inclines and declines of the virtual road. Have you ever wanted to climb a mountain in the Alps? With a smart trainer now you can! 

Another way smart trainers keep you motivated is through competition. With a smart trainer and an app like Zwift, you can ride (virtually) with or against people from all around the world in real time. Need to blow off steam after work? Hop on your smart trainer and ride against someone in Italy doing a morning ride before work. 

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Just like your bike computer, a smart trainer monitors your distance, speed, cadence and power output  to give you an accurate assessment of your actual effort on the bike. The data can help you identify areas for improvement, track your progress over time, set specific goals and create training workouts to help you achieve those goals.


Smart Trainers have made indoor cycling fun and challenging. They can take you on rides all over the world and allow you to compete against athletes from anywhere, or help you simply improve your cycling. No matter your skill level, ERIK’S has many tools to keep you in shape this winter so that come spring you are fresh and ready to ride! Or, you could just get a Fat Bike and ride outside all winter, but that’s a different subject…


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