Fat Biking in Style: Specialized

Fat Biking in Style: Specialized

Do you have what you need for winter biking? There are plenty of options for bikes and gear to keep you riding and comfortable no matter the temperature. In this blog, we will cover a variety of Specialized gear, but stay tuned for another blog on the winter bike gear by 45NRTH.


Bike: Fatboy and Hellga

To start off the list of fat bike gear by Specialized, we must start with the bike itself: Fatboy and Hellga. Specialized came into the fat biking world pretty strong, and they continue to push the category with their line of fat bikes – which are constantly picked up as top in the category.

The Fatboy is the men’s line and the Hellga is the women’s specific line. There are different models of the Fatboy and Hellga, from entry level, to mid level and even high end. Whether you are a beginner or expert, Specialized has a fat bike for you. They even make 20 and 24 inch kids fat bikes for your little rippers. Check out all the Specialized fat bikes here.



The next important thing for fat biking in the winter is to dress right. The clothes you wear can make or break your fat biking adventure. Specialized is going to have everything you need from base layers, to socks and jerseys to jacket. Specialized has a variety of winter apparel options, with merino base layers, wool socks, bars mitts, balaclavas and gloves. They also make wind breaker pants, hats and insulated jackets. Check out the Specialized winter apparel here.


Shoes: Defrosters

Keeping your feet warm can be challenging with windy and wet conditions, unless you’re riding with the Specialized Defrosters. These boots are engineered to keep heat locked in and water locked out. With a neoprene collar and a seam sealed bootie, you’re feet are sure to stay dry. There is 400 grams of Thinsulate® insulation to keep your toes warm and a reflective heat-loss barrier in the sole. The outer sole is made up of a grippy rubber to give you ultimate stability and traction in icy conditions. Check out the Defroster here.


Helmet: Centro LED

Next, lets talk safety. First off, a helmet. The Specialized Centro Helmet serves two safety purposes. It protects your head and also comes with a built in LED light in the back. The insulated liner will keep your head warm, while the 4th Dimension Cooling System keeps your head from overheating. The Centro Helmets also comes with reflective decals to increase visibility. Check out the Centro Helmet here.


Lights: Stix

Second on our list for safety items is lights. Specialized has designed a very versatile light call Stix. This light maybe small, but it packs a powerful punch coming in with 105 lumens. It has six different modes, from high beam, to low beam and strobe to flashing. This light is rechargeable by USB and has a variety of mounting styles to fit your needs. Check out all the Stix’s mounts here.

For a list of more winter biking products, check out our website at shoperiks.com or stop into your local ERIK’S and chat with our expert staff.

See you on trails!



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