Winter: A Perfect Time For A Bike Fit

Winter: A Perfect Time For A Bike Fit

It’s -2 degrees in Minneapolis as I write this, and for many of us riding our road bike or mountain bike outside is still a far off vision. I know that the hardcore riders, commuters and fat bike riders are out there no matter the conditions, but for the rest of us winter means bringing the workouts indoors. With smart trainers and apps like Zwift, indoor workouts are no longer the boredom fests they once were.


There’s no denying that riding a trainer, stationary bike or rollers during the off season will pay huge dividends in your strength and fitness come spring. It’s also a great time to evaluate your form, technique, and position. As the old saying goes, practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

For just that reason, the off season is the perfect time to get your bike fit. It allows you time to adapt to your new position. With any changes to your bike fit, it takes time to develop new muscle recruitment. On the trainer, you typically ride with less intensity and for shorter durations, which helps you acclimatize and build strength in the new position.


Two of the biggest concerns that I hear from people about getting their fit over the winter are that they maybe not be in the best riding shape, and that they will not have a chance to feel their bike out on the road until spring. At ERIK’S we always do a complimentary follow up session; it takes time to adapt to a new position, and we need your feedback to really dial in the fit. With off-season fits we can schedule your follow up after you have had a chance to get outside and ride and get a good feel for things on the road. Getting a fit in the off-season gives you the whole summer season to ride your perfect fit.

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This blog was written by ERIK’S Advanced Services Manager Chris Rogers. Chris is a Certified Body Geometry fit Technician, and has been fitting bikes at ERIK’S since 2008.

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