World Fat Bike Champ Catches Arctic Fat Fever

World Fat Bike Champ Catches Arctic Fat Fever

Recently, ERIK’S and Excelsior Brewing hosted Arctic Fat Fever, a fat bike race on the frozen Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior Minnesota.  The race featured Robbie Squire, the 2016 Borealis Fat Bike World Champion!  Not surprisingly, he was also the winner of the 2017 Arctic Fat Fever.  We caught up with Robbie post-ride for his thoughts on the race, fat biking and the 2017 season.

ERIK’S: Let’s start off by having you explain fat bikes to those who aren’t familiar, and tell us what you love about them.

Robbie Squire: Fat bikes, or Monster Bikes as I like to call them, are an entirely new sect of cycling that is a lot more fun in the winter. Typically, I would be trying to get in some miles on my road bike dealing with the cold weather. With Monster bikes, I look forward to the snow and cold because they are purpose built for snow and really a lot of fun. Monster bikes allow for yearlong cycling by making winter enjoyable on the bike. 


ERIK’S: You don’t typically race fat bikes; how did you feel going into the World Fat Bike Championships?

Robbie Squire: The Fat Bike World Championships were held in Crested Butte last year and I saw it as an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I was fresh off of Tour de San Luis in Argentina where temperatures touched 120 during the day. Going to the single digit environment in Crested Butte was going to be a tall order, but how often does one get to race for a world title? With a solid week long stage race in my legs, I knew I had a good chance to win it. The 100+ degree temperature change within 36 hours kicked my butte and made me quite ill, but I was able to maneuver the re-purposed XC ski track to take the title!   

ERIK’S: What do you think of your new title?

Robbie Squire: Now I am the World Champion of something. No matter who you are, that is seriously cool! The title allowed me to continue racing Fatties into 2017 with sponsorships from Assos and Felt Bicycles that make riding through the winters a breeze. 


ERIK’S: What brought you to Arctic Fat Fever?

Robbie Squire: The Arctic Fat Fever was appealing to me in that the level of interest from the community was enormous. The race had over 200 entries which is more than most mountain bike races I have been to. I really enjoyed the enthusiasm from all the racers and Erik’s to put on an awesome event. Despite the fact that we were racing on a frozen lake in the middle of winter, my Felt bike and Assos Bonka gear outperformed the harsh conditions and let me focus on going fast! I had a great time slippin’ and slidin’ around Lake Minnetonka and hope to be back! 


ERIK’S: What does 2017 look like for you? More fat biking?

Robbie Squire: Despite my World Title, Monster bikes are supplementary to my day job as a Professional Road rider with Canyon’s Pro Cycling Team out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Those that are interested can follow me on the National Road Tour as I compete in stage races across the country. Additionally, I am an Off Road Ambassador for Assos which fills the rest of my time with exciting and challenging events wherever they may pop up.  I hope to be back to the Mid West for another great event in the future!

A special thanks to Robbie Squire for answering our questions.  Watch for him riding for Canyon-Shimano at the UCI Continental Level in 2017.  And follow him on Instagram at robthesquire or on Twitter at robthesquire!

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