2017 Specialized Apparel

2017 Specialized Apparel

Clothing styles are constantly changing, so to get the scoop on the 2017 Specialized Spring line we asked Mano Yanez, ERIK’S Apparel Product Manager.

What are the highlights of Specialized 2017 apparel?

Mano Yanez: A lot of the shoes are getting a facelift with new designs, colors, and materials. And a new Prevail helmet is coming! It’s already getting press and you may have seen it on riders in Le Tour De France. It’ll be a slimmer profile with some other improvements.

What apparel trends do you notice for 2017?

Mano Yanez: You’re going to see more color and more special edition products coming. More fitness oriented pieces that offer some versatility. The Shasta Women’s line updates from this year have been really well received by customers and they’ll see some new colors and prints this spring. Mountain is on the up and up, the Enduro line and SWAT bibs are picking up steam.


2017 Women’s Shasta Tights and Men’s SWAT Bibs

What are you personally excited about?

Mano Yanez: The Drirelease Merino stuff is great, it’s a little pricier but once you wear it you understand why. “drirelease® Merino with FreshGuard naturally cools, neutralizes odor, and wicks away moisture to keep you dry.” In simple terms, it keeps you super comfy on your ride… and less stinky.


2017 Merino Drirelease Jersey

It’s not apparel, but the new Burra Burra bags & Sawtooth tires are awesome! I already swooped up the tires, and a couple of the bags are on my birthday wishlist.  The tires are a 42C that have the rolling resistance of a 30/32C tire… thus you get the control you’re looking for when you are off exploring and getting lost and you don’t have to worry about swapping to a smaller more efficient tire for a more efficient ride on the pavement. The bags have very functional features with a variety of styles (frame bag, trunk bag, handlebar bag, panniers, etc) to suit your fancy, they’ll keep your stuff dry & clean, and they look great! When you see them you’re going to want some.

Is there anything else you like to note about the 2017 apparel?

Mano Yanez: Since creating a full in-house design center at Specialized HQ a few years back, we’ve seen noticeable improvements across the line. They have the ability to have something sewn up one day, test it on the lunch ride, give feedback and have an updated sample for the next day’s ride. With these resources, they can get fits and fabrics dialed before final production better than most. This is showing in the product they’re putting out.

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