Adventures With Burley!

Adventures With Burley!

Burley’s Mission Statement is to “enable adventure”. True to that, Burley has become synonymous with solutions that help you explore the world on a bike.  From cargo trailers to kid transports, Burley helps you keep riding.  With their products, you can go on a family biking adventure, bring your best friend to the dog park, or restock the essentials at the grocery store.  No matter your adventure, there is a Burley for you.  


It is important to stay safe on your adventures.  All Burley models feature an aluminum roll cage made from the same grade of aluminum that you find in high-quality bicycles. All models also utilize reflective materials and components and UV protection on all of the windows, providing UPF 50 protection for your passengers.

Adventures have become easier with better products.  Within the last year, Burley has made improvements to their product line.  Burley has upgraded the hardware on all of their models.  The tow bar receiver was made of plastic.  It is been redesigned and is now made from aluminum.  They’ve also changed the hitch material from forged to cast steel which is stronger and handles impacts and stress better.


Burley SITBurley has improved the harness.  Anyone that’s ever tried to secure a small child in a car seat knows that straps and buckles can be frustrating. Burley’s solution is the S.I.T. Harness. The Spring Integrated Technology Harness uses tension to keep the straps of the harness open and out of the way, ensuring easy installations of children and really big watermelons. The S.I.T. harness can be found on the D’Lite, Solo and Cub models for 2016.

Flag Holder

Burley has improved the flag holder. The redesigned button locks the flag into place when not depressed making it much easier to operate.


One product we are especially excited about is the Cub – pictured above.  It is a rugged, all-weather trailer capable of carrying 100 lbs in smooth comfort thanks to an adjustable suspension. With almost 2 square feet of interior space, you’ve got enough room to pack supplies for all your adventures.

The Cub has the flex connector, which allows the bike towing the trailer to be laid flat without disconnecting or flipping the trailer.  With adapters, it can be used as a 2 or 3 wheeled stroller or a jogging stroller.  For the snow-loving adventurers, Burley even makes a ski kit!  And when you’re not out and about, the Cub folds down until it’s only 13 inches tall, making it easy to store out of the way.

As Burley continues to innovate, it is no wonder why they have such a loyal customer base.  Whether you are taking the kids along on a ride or running errands around town, Burley “enables adventure.”  Swing by your local ERIK’S or shop Burley online at

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