E-Bikes – What You Need To Know

E-Bikes – What You Need To Know

If you aren’t familiar with pedal assist e-bikes, you need to learn about one of the fastest growing bike styles in cycling.  This category is not as well-known in the U.S. but it is a $10 billion dollar industry in Europe.  It is predicted that e-bikes will grow significantly in the U.S. in the next few years.

You’ll hear different terms such as e-bike, electric bike, or pedal assist bike.  They all refer to a bike with a small electric motor to help you go further and faster.  The motor kicks in when you pedal, making biking easier and helping you go faster or further or both.


Just like bikes, there are many different types of pedal assist e-bikes for all riding styles.  Commuter e-bikes and Cargo e-bikes are very popular as alternative forms of transportation.  Recreational e-bikes can help make cycling easier and more fun. And there are E-Mountain bikes that can help you get up the hills faster and ride the trails longer.


Despite the different styles, all pedal assist e-bikes are generally similar

  • Controls: Located on the handlebars, the controls allow you to easily adjust how much assist the motor gives you while you are riding.  Most e-bikes have different modes like eco, low and high.  The higher the mode, the more assist the rider gets from the motor – and the shorter the battery will last.
  • Motor: All e-bikes have a motor – either in the rear wheel hub (center of wheel) or in the bottom bracket (where the pedals go into the bike).
  • Battery: Usually it is located either on the bike frame or on a rear rack.  The battery is removable and has a port for charging.


E-bikes are incredibly simple to operate.  If you can ride a bike, you can ride an e-bike.  Each model and style are different, but they all have a power button.  Once the bike is “on,” the rider just needs to start pedaling for the motor to kick in.  When the rider stops pedaling, the motor stops as well.

One important point about the assist – the motor is very gentle.  There is no jolt or jarring increase in speed when the motor kicks in.  The motor is silent and it seamlessly blends with your pedaling.  E-bike owners often say riding an e-bike is like always riding slightly downhill – biking is just a little easier… and more fun!


A common myth about e-bikes is that you can’t get a workout from them.  This has been repeatedly disproved.  E-bikes are not motorcycles.  You do have to be pedaling to get an assist from the motor.  Just like a regular bike, the harder you pedal an e-bike, the greater the workout you’ll get.

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