4 Reasons Why The Specialized Vado Is Awesome

4 Reasons Why The Specialized Vado Is Awesome

Specialized has put together the latest in electric bike technology to create one of the most advanced e-bikes on the market.  (New to electric bikes? Check out this e-bike blog.)  We got a chance to give it a test ride (video below) and we were impressed!  The Vado doesn’t feel like an electric bike; it feels like riding a bike… only faster. 

Why is this the Specialized Vado a game-changer?  Here are 4 reasons this bike is awesome.

1. The Design

This bike has been designed to look, feel, and ride like a standard bike. To do this, Specialized redesigned every part of the bike specifically for the Vado. Whereas other e-bikes are basically standard bikes with motors and batteries slapped on, the Vado battery and motor are cleanly integrated into the frame.  To the untrained eye, the Vado just looks like a bike!


2. The Handling

By designing the bike as a pedal assist e-bike, Specialized has also ensured that the Vado rides like a regular bike. The weight of an e-bike can sometimes make handling it difficult – especially if the weight is not evenly distributed.  With the Vado, both the motor and battery are near the center of the bike. This makes the bike feel remarkably balanced and fun to ride!


3. The Motor

The motor is another part of the bike that we really noticed (or maybe NOT noticed).  First, it is silent. Some pedal assist e-bikes have a loud whirring noise when the motor is assisting. The Vado is so quiet you only know the motor is on is because you can feel the assist.  Which brings us to the second highlight: the assist.

The rider experience on the Vado is unlike anything else on the market.  The motor seamlessly engages with the rider pedaling.  There is no jolt or lurch with the assist.  With other pedal-assist e-bikes, you feel when the motor engages. The drive system of the Vado perfectly tuned to engage smoothly, even in the highest “Turbo” mode.


4. The Accessories

There are several different Vado models.  All Vados have integrated lights.  The bike comes in both a standard frame and a step-thru frame.  Select models also come with a rack and a horn.  The higher models have more powerful motors.  There’s a Vado that is perfect for every rider and their budget!

So, who is the Turbo Vado for? Anyone! With the rear rack, fenders, and integrated lights, this bike is perfect for the rider who wants to ditch their car.  With the easy to use controls and comfortable assistance levels, plus the step-thru frame, the Vado is perfect for the recreational rider who just wants a little extra help when the hills get too big and the winds get too strong. And with its sleek look and fun ride, a Vado is perfect for the rider who wants a stylish bike to get out and enjoy their area in ways that they may have never imagined that they could!

Now, head into select ERIK’S and take the Vado for a free test ride! Or check out the Vado online here.  ERIK’S also has a large selection of other electric bikes.  Plus all stores offer in-store e-bike test ride.

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