13 Cycling Tips You Should Know

13 Cycling Tips You Should Know

ERIK’S sponsors a group of cyclists that represent all types of riding.  While some might find themselves on a podium, what all ERIK’S Ambassadors have in common is a love for cycling.  This group spends a lot of time on the saddle and they have a wealth of cycling knowledge.  We asked them to share some of their tips to make your riding experience more enjoyable.

I suggest that you ride with people who love bikes! Find a nice group who will be helpful and not drop you on the 1st corner. As a life long cyclist, make sure you give back what you receive. Once you are no longer the newbie, help the next newbie! – Jon-Paul S.

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Make sure your tires are set to the correct pressure for your weight and riding style/terrain! Tires should not be pumped up to the max. That can really have a big effect on the quality and fun factor of the ride. – Craig M.

Always have fun on your bike. Whether you are going out for a casual ride or doing a 24-hour endurance race, always make sure you are having fun! Stay positive no matter what!Mindee L.

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“Century ride on the Ruby. I did it in 6 hours and 15 minutes. Beat my time from the previous year by 2 hours!” – Mindee L.

Simply get out there and ride your bike. No matter what, there are going to be people riding with you who are above your level, or below your level. Don’t be intimidated if you’re not the fastest or most experienced rider in your group. You gain experience by riding and skills and confidence are built over time. Every time I ride, regardless of who it’s with, I learn something from them. And undoubtedly enjoy the time spent with them. Also, plan for the unexpected and be self-sufficient and self-reliant. Lastly, wherever and whenever you’re riding, be an ambassador for the sport: be courteous, safe, legal, and responsible. It goes a long way. – Brian B.

Learn to ride clipless. It’s not as hard or as scary as people think, and it makes your ride easier, especially when climbing these Wisconsin hills. – Christina O.

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“We stopped for a group pic on a lake loop ride in Madison. This was a ride with some ladies from Black Girls Do Bike – Madison, for which I am one of the chapter leaders.” – Christina O.

Sunscreen on the top of your hands. Age spots suck. – Kathryn D.

Don’t be afraid to try a new trail or route on your own. The thrill and accomplishment you will feel after finding hidden gems in your community are worthwhile and confidence boosting. Oh, and please wear a helmet. – Heidi F.

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“Took my own tip and figured out a new route on my own. Found this hidden treasure right in my own city.” – Heidi F.

Always have a good plan and make sure you leave enough time to complete your ride. And it is always more fun to ride with friends than alone!!! – Chad H.

In my opinion, everyone should know how to ride in a pace line. When you do, it makes the ride easier and the fun of seeing new riders ride fast and not work as hard is awesome. – Dennis C.

After almost every ride I lube all the moving parts on the derailleur and chain then wipe the excess lube off to keep it running smooth. – Shannon S.

Respect the road and give a wave to cars after they pass. If you are riding the same general route or in the same general location chances are it’s some of the same drivers are passing you frequently. A little wave that they can see in the rear view mirror I believe lets them know you appreciate them looking out for you. – Aaron M.

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“A fun picture with my two favorite riding buddies!!” – Craig M.

Bike fit! Bike fit! Bike fit! It is worth paying the money for a professional bike fit! I spent years being resistant to paying for a professional fit and dealing with saddle sores, IT band, shoulder/neck soreness and lack of efficiency/power in my stroke causing biking to just not be fun because of the discomfort. I finally broke down and got a fit. The bike fit experience was both educational and it resolved all the above problems. – Noel A.

Always keep your bike and assorted gear clean, organized, and ready to go. This takes away an easy excuse that might keep you from hopping on the bike after work or whenever time might be short. That way you can just focus on the fun of getting out on the bike rather than worrying about lubing the chain, finding your gloves, etc. – Mark M.

Thanks to our awesome ERIK’S Ambassadors for the advice!  For more cycling tips, stop into your local ERIK’S where our expert staff can get you set for your next cycling adventure!


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