Brand New KICKR From Wahoo

Brand New KICKR From Wahoo

Wahoo has just released the newest version of their already amazing KICKR Smart Trainer and there’s a few really cool upgrades!

The biggest news is that the new KICKR will now accept an even wider range of bicycles without needing an adapter! If you have a bike with 130 or 135mm Quick Release, 12x142mm Thru Axle, or even a Boost spaced 12×148 Thru Axle your bike will fit perfectly on the KICKR.

KICKR has also been updated to accept more Disc Brake designs, including Flat Mount Disc Brakes. Previous versions of KICKR were a little snug when it came to Disc Brake clearance but now there’s plenty of room!


The final addition to the KICKR is compatibility with the new KICKR CLIMB, which we’ll talk about once we have them available!

So, there you have it! If you’ve been holding off on a Smart Trainer, now is the time! And the new Wahoo KICKR is available in stores NOW!

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