686 + Pabst Blue Ribbon = Sixer Jacket

686 + Pabst Blue Ribbon = Sixer Jacket

Looking for the most cooler jacket on the mountain this year?  (Keep reading, you’ll get the pun.)  Tired of not having a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer always at your ready when you are braving the cold?  Look no further, the Sixer Jacket has arrived!

sixer jacket

686 and Pabst Blue Ribbon have partnered to create the ultimate winter beer jacket collaboration!  The Sixer Jacket doubles as a cooler and can hold up to 11 beverages.  Add one in your hand and your 12-pack is secure.  With a name like Sixer, this jacket totally over delivers.

Watch the video below to learn more about this awesome jacket and how two very different companies got together to make this collaboration happen.

The Sixer Jacket is available now at ERIK’S but supplies are limited so get it while you can.

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