Locker Board Skateboards

Locker Board Skateboards

Locker Boards were invented by 12-year old Carson Kropfl.  They have been featured on the TV show Shark Tank, and ERIK’S is the only retailer to sell these boards online!

Carson Kropfl started Middle School and realized that there was no place for him to store his skateboard when he was at school. It didn’t fit in his backpack either.  So, he made his own solution…
locker board 3
Enter, Locker Board!

Locker Board Skateboards are fully functioning, non-folding skateboards that fit in your backpack and school locker. Carson re-shapes the decks to his size specifications and adds his cool graphics. These boards are made from blemished decks from skateboard companies.  These brand new boards would be destined for a landfill because of the blemish – but are now upcycled into Locker Board Skateboards.

Locker Boards are the only compact skateboards specifically designed to fit in your locker!  And ERIK’S is the only online retailer to sell them… but supplies are limited.  Shop Locker Board Skateboards now!

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