Bike Saddles (Part 2): Find Your Size

This is the second part of our Bike Saddle blog series.  If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out Part 1 here. Many riders find the bike saddle to be one of the most unpleasant parts of the bicycle. They expect the bike saddle to be uncomfortable. But did you know you might actually …

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Bike Saddles (Part 1): Get Comfortable

One of the most common conversations at ERIK’S is how to find a comfortable bike seat. It’s difficult to know whether the stock seat on your new bike will fit you, and after a few early season rides some customers find their old saddle just doesn’t feel as though it fits like it used to.  Let’s …

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Does Your Child’s Helmet Fit?

It’s tough picking out a helmet for your child when they come in deliberately vague size ranges like “child,” “toddler” and “youth”. A toddler might fit into child-sized helmets or a kid might fit into adult sized helmets.  Each helmet has an inch range, but that doesn’t mean it will fit. Oftentimes the circumference will …

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Ryan Dungey on Specialized Body Geometry FIT

Ryan Dungey knows a thing or two about bikes.  The professional motorcross racer has won every major title in American Motocross and Supercross.  But he doesn’t stick to just bikes with engines.  Ryan is an avid cyclist. He recently came into ERIK’S to get a Specialized Body Geometry FIT for his Specialized Venge.  We caught …

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Cycling Knee Pain

10,000  That’s how many pedal revolutions a cyclist will do over the course of an average two hour ride.  If your equipment is not set up correctly, or if you have a muscle imbalance, or are not pedaling efficiently, you have 10,000 opportunities to develop an overuse injury.

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Sizing Versus Fit

At Erik’s we offer both bike fitting and bike sizing services – on the surface the terms are close, however the actual processes differ significantly. Starting with the correct size bike is important and the foundation of fit, but it doesn’t guarantee a fit. Fit is optimizing the correct size bike to the individual rider.

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Fit Friday – A la Carte Fitting

AKA – Pedal and Cleat fitting for cycling. Every so often the question comes up, why does Erik’s offer only one bike fit service. Often the conversation goes something like this, “I just purchased new shoes and pedals, the rest of my fit is great, but I just would like to have you check and …

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Get Ready for the MS150 & Get adjusted by Erik’s at the Minnesota MS ride.

We know you’ve spent a lot of time fundraising for the upcoming Minnesota MS 150, and we hope you’ve been logging some training miles through Erik’s Riders Club or on your own, but how much attention to you give your bike? Set yourself up for success with a free safety check at any Erik’s location …

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Fit Friday – When to update your fit, Part 2

During last week’s Fit Friday, I explored the idea of when to get my bike refit. In this post, I wanted to cover the re-fit process and the changes made. These changes are specific to me and my style of riding, and should not be considered universal fixes for a given problem. Following an interview …

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