All About Fat Biking!

It’s always fat bike season at ERIK’S. People ride them in every condition possible: snow, dirt, pavement, beaches. You name it, a fat bike can do it. Of course, what they’re designed for, and where they’ll out-perform any other bike, is snow. Looking to get into winter riding?  Here’s what you need to know about …

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World Fat Bike Champ Catches Arctic Fat Fever

Recently, ERIK’S and Excelsior Brewing hosted Arctic Fat Fever, a fat bike race on the frozen Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior Minnesota.  The race featured Robbie Squire, the 2016 Borealis Fat Bike World Champion!  Not surprisingly, he was also the winner of the 2017 Arctic Fat Fever.  We caught up with Robbie post-ride for his thoughts …

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Reflective Bike Apparel is a bright idea

As the days are getting shorter, it’s not uncommon to find yourself biking home after dark. For a cyclist, being visible should always be a priority.  This is especially important during times of low light – dawn and dusk – and at night.  Good lights are a must.  Check out our blog on Cycling Lights to …

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Cobrafist – the winter riding solution

Now that winter has finally gotten to the Midwest it’s time to hit the snow-covered trails and have some fun! As anyone who’s ridden when the mercury is low can attest to – frozen hands are seemingly unavoidable but mittens and gloves are bulky and interfere with shifting and braking.

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Riprock and Roll

Kids these days get all the fun toys. Plus size tires on adult bikes are making ground with intermediate and beginner riders. So it seems only fitting that plus size tires would now be incorporated on kids bikes. The Specalized Riprock is the first of it’s kind kids bikes with plus size tires. Rolling in …

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The perfect fall/winter cycling boots for your riding – 45NRTH Japanther, Wölvhammer and Wølfgar

Whether you’re looking for a winter biking shoe to commute, race or play in, the best winter biking shoe is the one that keeps you riding even when the temperatures plunge and the snow flies.  Regardless of your needs, 45NRTH has a shoe for you: The Wølfgar, Wölvhammer or the Japanther.

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