Get Your Kid The Right Bike

It’s summer time and time to get the kids riding!  Maybe your child has grown out of their bike, or maybe you have a new little one who is ready to start riding. Regardless, you need to purchase a kids’ bike.  Here is a guide to help you through the process of getting the right bike …

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The Flat Bar Road Bike: Smooth + Comfort

The flat bar road bike is the most popular style of bicycle and for good reason.  This bike is perfect for many cyclists because it combines a comfortable and efficient ride.  These bikes don’t put the cyclist in an overly aero position that many find uncomfortable.  But at the same time, these bikes can go!  Chances …

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What the Heck is an E-bike?

E-bike, electric bike, pedal assist or power-on-demand, all terms that you may have heard here and there in the biking world. Well what the heck are these bikes and why would you want one? Why not just buy a scooter or moped? Well, let me help you answer these questions.

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Meet the Specialized Hellga, the best Women’s Specific Fatbike!

The best women’s specific fatbike is here, the 2016 Specialized Hellga. This beauty of a bike is made with women’s body size and shape in mind. This is not just a girly looking Fatboy, the Hellga is her own woman. The M4 Aluminum frame is designed with an ultra low stand over height, making it …

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The Fastest Bike in the World: Specialized Venge ViAS

The fastest bike in the world is here: the Specialized Venge ViAS. With over 1000 hours of time spent designing, refining and testing in their very own “Win-Tunnel”, Specialized reached their goal of making the fastest bike in the world.

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Borealis Echo GX

The 2016 Borealis Echo just arrived at ERIK’S, and it is one the best values in a carbon fat bike around – This well-equipped carbon fat bike comes in under $3000! The Echo is also an excellent year round mountain bike and is ready to take a Rock Shox Bluto. Read on to learn more …

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Specialized Rumor Review

Last week we talked about the best all-around mountain bike for men, the Specialized Camber. Today we will look into the Rumor which is a women’s-specific trail bike similar to the Camber, designed specifically with women’s size and body types in mind. Specialized did not take the Camber and tweak it slightly and slap a …

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Specialized Camber Review

  Mountain bikers seem to be on the quest for the perfect bike all the time; at ERIK’S we’re excited to offer best all-around mountain bikes for the Midwest rider in the Specialized men’s Camber and women’s Rumor models. Over the next two posts, we’ll detail what makes these bikes ideal for mountain biking not …

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Build your dream bike from Specialized and ERIK’S with the new S-Build Program

New for the 2015 Model Year, Specialized and ERIK’S will be offering the S-Build Program. For those who wouldn’t think of buying “off the shelf,” the S-Build program allows you to create the ideal bike in look and performance. The first options available in this platform are the S-Works Tarmac and the S-Works Epic. Unique …

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Introducing the all new Specialized Fatboy SE

We just got a new Fatboy in town – the Specialized Fatboy SE dropped this week from Specialized and it’s just in time to make the most of your winter riding. The Fatboy family of bikes is generating a lot of buzz because of excellent spec, great values and an awesome ride, and this model …

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