Get Your Kid The Right Bike

It’s summer time and time to get the kids riding!  Maybe your child has grown out of their bike, or maybe you have a new little one who is ready to start riding. Regardless, you need to purchase a kids’ bike.  Here is a guide to help you through the process of getting the right bike …

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Adventures With Burley!

Burley’s Mission Statement is to “enable adventure”. True to that, Burley has become synonymous with solutions that help you explore the world on a bike.  From cargo trailers to kid transports, Burley helps you keep riding.  With their products, you can go on a family biking adventure, bring your best friend to the dog park, or restock …

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Casual Cycling Shoes

Sometimes when people think of bike clothing, they think of Lycra shorts, aerodynamic helmets, and funny shoes. But biking isn’t always Lycra and aero. Sometimes you just want to hop on your bike and head to the coffee shop with friends, or go for a casual ride around the lakes. Believe it or not, you …

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Reflective Bike Apparel is a bright idea

Even though the days are longer now, it’s not uncommon to find yourself biking home after dark. Cyclist safety is an important consideration for anyone looking to spend time on a road bike but not all safety wear is created equal. Several studies have found that high-visibility is not as effective as reflective apparel when …

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Above the Curve – The ElliptiGO Arc

The ElliptiGO company was started by a desire to solve a problem. That problem being that there was no option for a low impact, running-like experience outdoors. For those that enjoy the workout of using elliptical machines, imagine being able to take that workout outdoors and get places using that same motion. That is what …

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Burton Winter Jackets

Looking for the perfect winter jacket?  The one that provides warmth and technical features while still looking stylish?  Snowboarding behemoth Burton may have just what you’re looking for and during the Winter Clearance at your local ERIK’S there’s no better time to pick up a sweet jacket at an unbeatable price.

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2016 SIA Snow Show Overview

SnowSports Industries America (SIA) had their annual Snow Show last week in Denver, CO. The Snow Show is open to dealers of snow sports equipment. This year ERIK’S sent a couple of our snow sports experts and enthusiasts to the show to check out what is new and exciting for the 2017 snow sport industry. …

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Union Contact Pro Bindings

Ride your board the way it is meant to be ridden, no matter what the terrain with the Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings. Coming in at only 720g, the Contact Pro is one of the lightest bindings out there and is sure to give you a flawless fluid feeling as you power down the mountain.

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