The Philosophy of A Group Ride: KC Mid Day Mid Week

The Mid Day Mid Week (MDMW) Ride started rolling in the spring of 2006 with a ‘handful’ of riders.  At the time there were plenty of weekend club rides.  And plenty of weekend Fitness Center rides.  On most evenings in the summer one could find a “blow and go” ride launching from a neighborhood drinking …

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The 400 State Trail

If you visit one new trail this summer, you owe it to yourself to make it the 400 State Trail in the Baraboo River Valley in Central Wisconsin. Stretching for 26 miles from Reedsburg to Elroy the 400 Trail follows the old Chicago & North Western line which ran the 400 miles from Chicago to the …

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Shop Ride Highlight: Low Road River Ramble

If you are looking for a fun group ride that goes through the Minnesota River Valley, then you should check out the Low Road River Ramble out of our ERIK’S shop in Bloomington, MN. This ride starts at 6pm every Tuesday evening. This is a ‘no drop’ ride and all skill levels are welcome.

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Get outside and go bicycle camping

Bicycle camping, or bikepacking, combines so many great things; it’s like a s’more. The graham crackery goodness of exercise and fun on a bicycle, the  chocolatey solitude and natural beauty of camping, and the marshmallowy softness of waking up to bird calls and camp coffee as opposed to your neighbor’s car alarm at 5:30AM.

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Madison Mountain Biking: Quarry Ridge

Madison is a gateway to many amazing bike trails in Central Wisconsin, but if knobby tires are more your style, don’t fear – there’s great single track located in Madison as well! Quarry Ridge Recreation Area is located right next to Verona Rd/151 – but you’d never know it zooming by on 151; it’s tucked back …

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Twin Cities Bike Trails

If you are looking for some great places to bike in the Twin Cities area, you will find no shortage of trails, lanes and paths that can get you just about anywhere in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Over the years Minneapolis has found its name on a few different lists claiming to be one of …

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Central Wisconsin Trails

Looking for a new trail to try this year?  Maybe you’re interested in exploring bikepacking or eager to stick with your fitness goal of bicycling more. With the nicer weather and longer daylight hours, now is a perfect time to check out one of the numerous trails throughout Wisconsin. This post will be an overview of some …

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Specialized AWOL: Adventure is Out There!

If you’re looking for a bike that takes the best parts of road biking and combines them with the best parts of mountain biking, let me introduce you to the Specialized AWOL. Slotting into a style called “adventure bikes” the AWOL combines the touring nature of a steel frame road bike with the handling and …

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