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Below are a few comments and feedback we received from our customers. At Erik’s Bike and Board, we take our customers comments and feedback very seriously and we look forward to hearing from you.  Want to share a comment here, please do.

Customer – July

I just finished my second long ride on my new bike from Erik’s. Being a 55 yr old woman in fairly good shape I was very reluctant to buy a new bike. I dreaded the thought of the bike buying process. But I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by Kyle at the SLP store late afternoon, July 4th.

Kyle turned out to be the BEST! He was friendly, non-judgmental and helpful as I explained what I wanted. Actually, he was patient to know I only knew about my budget Beyond a general budget, I was clueless on what kind of bike to consider. I ended up buying the Specialized Dolce and couldn’t be happier! When I went back to pick up the bike a few days later, two young gentlemen helped me get my bike fitted. Again I was unfamiliar on getting a bike fitted! I didn’t realize that you get fitted even buying a recreational bike! I’m now sold on Erik’s. I know I’ll be back to get clips and shoes!

Thanks guys, you did a great job!

Customer – July

On Friday night, July 2nd, my boyfriend and I were on an long leisurely bike ride in Minneapolis. We parked our car south of Lake Harriet and rode around all three lakes, rode the greenway for a while and then started heading back through Kenwood. At the top of a hill in Kenwood, my back tire went completely flat…just moments after I finished telling my boyfriend how happy I was, what a great night it was and how much I was loving our bike ride. Pushing a bike from Kenwood to Lake Harriet was not part of my plan.

When we made it to Lake of the Isles, we decided to chain my bike to a tree and call a cab to take us back to our car. Just then, two young men…complete strangers…stopped us and asked if we needed help. We explained that we were just going to call a cab. They asked ‘wouldn’t you rather ride back to your car’? I said of course, but I don’t think it is possible. Little did I know that your Dinky Town store manager and his buddy (who also worked for you at some point) had just swooped in to save our night. In the blink of an eye they had my bike upside down, took the tire off, found the holes in my tube, patched them, filled the tube up with their c02 cartridge, put my bike back together and had us back on the road !! I couldn’t believe how sweet and generous they were with their time, tools and supplies!! And when we tried to offer them $20 for their troubles and to replace the co2 cartridge…they wouldn’t take a dime from us!!! They said to pay it forward instead…amazing!!!

I can’t stop talking about this experience with all of my friends, coworkers, neighbors and even a stranger or two. I am one of your disciples now, I hope I can do you justice!!

(by the way…we were able to make it back to our car on our bikes and last night stopped at your Maple Grove store to get a new tube, tape to go around the inside of the rim and some patches to keep with us on our next ride.)

Honestly, this is the nicest thing that has happened to us in a very long time and we really can’t thank your Store Manager enough!! He is a very, very good ambassador of your company!!!

Customer – July

Hi Erik,

You got us back in the saddle (it had been almost 15 years since I had ridden a bike) when we first moved to MN 5 years ago, and we’ve enjoyed every mile since. My wife and I recently purchased our 4th and 5th bikes from you at the Dinkytown store. For me it was the Roubaix Expert and for her a Vita Elite. Our first was a Crossroads (with Tjaard) from Eden Prairie.

Even though we get years of enjoyment from our bikes, it is a struggle to part with over $4000 for bicycles (and the other goodies you need with them). Your team always ensures we’ve made the right choices. We love our new bikes!!

We are by no means expert riders, and we appreciate the time the team (in this case Brian, Tyler, and Arthur) take over what may be several visits to ask about how we like to ride, what our goals are, and where we’d like to be for budget. Of course where we’d like to be and where we end up are typically a bit a part… As I said your team is good.

I also want to mention JJ in service – when my new computer just would not seem to cooperate, he was extremely professional and also fun to work with…sometimes a bit of levity is needed when things aren’t working just so. Eventually I chose to switch to a new model that I am thrilled with, but I am sure it was not too fun for him.

I meet a lot of salespeople over time, but it’s funny. I can’t remember the names of the people that sold us cars, the realtors that showed us houses, or any of the people that spent time helping choose electronics and TV’s over the years; but I remember Jorge, Sharon, Johnnie, Brian, Tyler, Arthur, JJ, Tjaard, and many others from Erik’s.

I’ll meet Charlie in few days for a fit.

They’ve heard our thank you’s 100’s of times, but we wanted to let you know what a great team you’ve got.

Best Regards,

Customer – July

To whom it may concern,

I just bought a bike at your Vadnais Heights location and I can’t believe how great the service was. I haven’t owned a bike in almost 15 years, so for the last few weeks I’ve been shopping around the metro area to educate myself on road bikes. My wife and I started at Erik’s about a week ago because it’s near our house, and we instantly felt comfortable with your young salesman Joe. He talked with us on what we were looking for and even made several suggestions on what we should try. We left that night feeling comfortable on bike lingo. We shopped around and were not greeted with the same level of personality and service that we received that night. We came back this last weekend and worked with Nate and were pleasantly rewarded with great service again. He went through some more details on fitting of bikes and by the end of the night both my wife and I had purchased bikes. The next day I was even walking around while my wife was getting fitted for her bike, and even though the mechanic was busy working on a bike he asked if I needed help. Thank you for making my bike-buying experience so comfortable and satisfying.

Customer – July

I have had my Specialized Globe back from the Coon Rapids for awhile now (about 52 miles now) and it is great! The Mechanics were able to track down the problem and fix it and it has been as quiet as my Sequoia is.
I have always been happy with the service I have received from the guys up at the CR store. I feel that it is very personable and I feel welcomed when I walk in. Brian always remembers my name and will ask me how things are going. How awesome is that. I now I have a squeak free bike and will be enjoying it for the rest of the season!!
Thanks again from a faithful customer.

Customer – July


I just purchased a globe and I tell you what… I was not planning on buy yet. I visited the shop in Rochester, MN and Nick Sonta-G helped me. This was the 3rd store I visited, but the first time a salesman actually took the time to find the right bike for me, not just a bike to sell me. He asked questions to truly understand what I was looking for.. then took sometime to personally pick one out for me following everything I said (not trying to up sell, but followed my budget) That type of professionalism made me purchase right then and there. I made sure I got his name and will only do future purchases with him. He is a credit to your organization!!! Please keep him in mind for advancement! I am a manager myself at Red Lobster… If your not careful, I might snatch him from you 🙂


Customer – June

I want to compliment your staff. Last Saturday, June 19, I swung into your new Eden Prairie location looking to get a 16-inch kid’s bike fixed. Though she hasn’t admitted to it yet, I’m pretty sure my wife ran it over last summer, and I wanted to repair it for my son’s 5-year- old birthday. My wife had taken it to another bike shop, and the staff
was pretty clueless, I’m told. Anyway, I didn’t think I’d get very far getting this Target-special two-wheeler repaired, but one of your staffers wouldn’t taken no for an answer. I didn’t get his name, but the 30-ish guy working the
maintenance desk, dark brown hair, fit, and maybe a little facial hair was upbeat and helpful. He and another guy working the register found a 16-inch tire, then when the axle was too wide, customized it with a little elbow grease. They had the tools and the talent. Cost me about $50 total, and the bike didn’t end up in a landfill. My 5-year-old was really happy the next day when we hit the LRT for his first bike ride. Bottom line, I didn’t get the name of the staffers, but it was about closing time last Saturday, June 19. Congrats on hiring good people, and when it comes time to upgrade bikes in our family, the first place we’ll go is Erik’s Bike Shop. Thanks.


11 thoughts on “Customer Comments & Feedback”

  • On a Saturday afternoon I decided that I wanted to look for a nice road bike. The first place I went was Erik’s Bike & Board in Vadnais Heights . I didn’t know what I was looking for other than a nice bike for a good price. I walked in and Dan came over and we started talking about bikes. Of course the last road bike I purchased was 35 years ago and a lot has changed since then. Dan did a great job of explaining how technology has changed and purchasing a bike that best fits you and your needs. The next thing I knew Dan was fitting me for a bike. Come on! what do you mean get a bike fitting, it’s not a pair of shoes! The last bike I purchased I just went in and said “I want that one” and walked it out the door. This was all new to me, but I trusted Dan.
    Keep in mind this was the first place that I stopped to look at bikes. I certainly wasn’t going to purchase a bike from the first place or the first bike I saw. After spending about 30 minutes with Dan and getting fitted I told him that I would be back, but I wanted to look around some more.
    I went to three other bike shops, the next one the guy came over and he was so arrogant about his brand being the best and that I needed to purchase a bike from him because he had the best bikes. However when I pressed him on why I should purchase a bike from him he couldn’t tell me why his bikes were any better than the Specialized. I was turned off by his attitude and not giving me a straight answer. The next place I went, they were very nice. This place was honest, and told them that I was looking at the Specialized and he said “there are so few differences between the bikes that I was looking at that, one was just as good as the other”. He also said the fit of the bike is very important, however he didn’t take the time to fix me. In fact none of the other stores took the time to fix me for a bike or even offer to let me take it for a ride.
    I kept thinking about how Dan took the time to fit me to a bike and explained to me how fitting a bike is very important for a comfortable ride. I decided to go back to Erik’s and purchase the Specialized Allez. Even when I told them that I wanted it in red instead of the black that was in stock it wasn’t a problem. In the meantime my new favorite new bike guy (Dan) went on vacation, but this didn’t stop my purchase. While Dan was on vacation Miguel called to let me know my bike was in. But since I spent all this time with Dan I wanted to wait. I am so happy with Erik’s and their complete sales staff for taking the time with me and getting to know me and my needs. A Special Thanks to Dan for patient with me taking the time to make sure I would be happy with my purchase. The folks at Erik’s Bike and Board should be proud to have an employee like Dan.
    Thank You, now I can’t wait to ride.
    Jeff Roath

  • I used to be a serious biker back in the early 80s and road the 100-mile Iron Man 4 years in a row. My bike was my car, I rode everywhere. So now after all these years, I finally decided to get back into biking, a sport which I’ve always loved. I started doing research at all the local bike shops and that’s when I met Mike and Chris at the Maple Grove location. Their knowledge and great sense of humor won me over. They took the time to get me up to speed on the new technology and their prices could not be beat! They adjusted my new bike to fit my short body size perfectly. I am thrilled with my 2011 Tarmac Comp 105 Double and can’t wait to ride it! My wife, someone who has never really been into biking, purchased a 2012 Specialized Vita Elite and tried it out today with her new biking shoes and absolutely loved it! She’s thrilled about wearing biking shoes due to all her foot issues, she couldn’t believe what a difference that made to the comfort of the ride (thank you Mike for educating us on how the shoes can really help out). We’re really looking forward to biking again! Thanks for all your help, information, and patience dealing with us Mike and Chris!

    Dave & Jody

  • I completed the Horrible Hilly Hundred this weekend, in no small part because of your team. I simply can’t begin to say thank you.

    I was having a great ride until just before the last aid station, when I blew out the side wall of my front tire, it looked like knife cut 1/4 “ into the sidewall. Your man on the scene Eric did everything he could, we tried to patch the tire, but it bulged out the sidewall. Eric was out of tires, I was debating about still going, but Eric was the voice of reason telling me what I knew, it was not safe. My day was over. We called the Sag wagon and depression set in.

    Maybe 20 minutes later your man Sean shows up wearing a bib, he was riding the ride. After asking Eric what was up? He gave me his tire, so I could finish the ride. He ended his day so I did not have to end my mine!
    I can’t begin to say thank you,

    Brian Schumaker

  • I recieved a tow behind child cart for free from a friend but the hitch wouldn’t work with my bike. The Coon Rapids store is on my way home from work so I stoped by to see what kind of hitches your store carried. I am very handy so I wanted to look at the hitch to see if it would work with little or no modifications to the tow bar that I have. The sales person was quick to ask if I neeeded help witch was appreciated but when I told him the brand it was different then the one you carry he told me it will not work. I asked if I could just look at the hitch and he would not show me he just continued to tell me he always gets this question and to look up what I need online. I told him I already had a hitch but it wouldn’t work. Finally I just had to walk away. When I got home I looked up the hitch you carry online and it looked like it would work great because the Burley tow bar is very similar to mine. So I called the same store the next day and asked if it was in stock. I ended up going back for a second time to pick it up so I didn’t have to wait a week and pay shipping from someone online. I didn’t see the sales person that turned me away the first time. The hitch worked great with no modifications to anything. I respect your sales team knowledge on your products but some times its good to listen to the customer too. It could have saved me some time and made a happy costomer.

    • Dan,
      We’re sorry to hear about your experience – we do know how important listening to someone’s needs is and we will share this with the Coon Rapids Manager. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Thanks for the response. I trully think Erik’s is a great shop and don’t want to give you a bad name just a learning experience.

  • This was the best online shopping experience i have ever had! Props to Eriks Bike Shop.
    I live in Canada and could not have a certain brand of snowboard boots shipped to me, and they were absolutely amazing to work out a solution with.
    Very attentive customer service from 4/4 people I communicated with, both online and on the phone.
    One person took the time to research a question I had, and email the answer back,
    and the assistant manager Bryan offered to come in on a day he doesn’t work to resolve my issue.
    I usually dont order things outside of Canada but I would come back to this website, without a doubt.
    Thank you!!!!

  • i would like to thank Erik’s big to help me out today at MS150 ride i did throw my back out on the ride I hade no transportation for my bike to take it home they offered to take my bike to the city that I could pick the bike at later time this week thank you that’s way I shops at Erik’s bike.
    Thank you

    • Hi Mory,
      We’re glad we could be of service and we’re sorry you had to cut the ride short. Your bike is already at Eden Prairie, they were going to give it quick checkover today and give you a call when it was ready. Have a great rest of your riding season, and thank you for shopping with us!

  • I have purchased quite a bit of gear at Erik’s Greenfield (including my Specialized Diverge, which I love). The staff is always helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. They don’t attempt to pressure you into buying something. Sure Erik’s is not always the lowest price on a piece of gear, but I am willing to pay ‘retail price’ in order to gain the confidence that they stand behind their products and are knowledgeable about the products they sell. It is pleasure spending time in your stores. Thanks for giving a viable alternative to all the ‘internet craziness’.

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