Sizing Versus Fit

At Erik’s we offer both bike fitting and bike sizing services – on the surface the terms are close, however the actual processes differ significantly. Starting with the correct size bike is important and the foundation of fit, but it doesn’t guarantee a fit. Fit is optimizing the correct size bike to the individual rider.

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Fit Friday – A la Carte Fitting

AKA – Pedal and Cleat fitting for cycling. Every so often the question comes up, why does Erik’s offer only one bike fit service. Often the conversation goes something like this, “I just purchased new shoes and pedals, the rest of my fit is great, but I just would like to have you check and …

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Fit Friday – When Should I Get My Bike Refit?

A few years ago, I was competing in triathlons and getting a good deal of miles in every riding season.  Searching for every possible performance gain led me to get my bicycle fit.  One of my main considerations was being able to run at my potential after the bike leg. The results from that fitting …

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Fit Friday – Early Season Aches and Pains

Spring is here, and it’s time to dust off the bike and get out there. Unless you spent some time on the trainer over this winter, spring rides can be accompanied with aches and pains as a result of riding more miles for longer periods of time than your body is adjusted to. Being comfortable …

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Fit Friday – Lost in Translation

Bike fit is the process and the result; great tools help but they don’t determine the outcome. In the early nineties, Serotta Cycles introduced their fully adjustable Size Cycle which allowed dealers to dial in frame geometries to have custom bikes built for their customers. By today’s standards the original Size Cycle was a pretty …

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Get the Right Bike – Your First Triathlon

It happened to me a few years back – I had been perfectly happy biking my time away and someone suggested a triathlon. I signed up, excited about the new opportunity but unsure of what to make of it. I had grown up biking and swimming, but only at that point had only recently tried …

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Fit Friday Special – Decade

We recently passed a major milestone at Erik’s; it was over ten years ago when we first started our professional fit service.  We started off with a just small corner space on the sales floor in our St Louis Park, MN location. Today Erik’s has six state-of-the-art fit studios in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Back in …

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FIT FRIDAY – an Introduction

We’re serious about riding, and we know many of our customers are as well, but even if you only get on your bike occasionally, you’ve dealt with issues of fit. For a lot of us, the first time may have been a hand-me-down bike that was too big. We couldn’t touch the pedals or we …

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