Sizing Versus Fit

At Erik’s we offer both bike fitting and bike sizing services – on the surface the terms are close, however the actual processes differ significantly. Starting with the correct size bike is important and the foundation of fit, but it doesn’t guarantee a fit. Fit is optimizing the correct size bike to the individual rider.

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Fit Friday – Get a Grip – Handlebars with Erik’s TruFit Staff

This installment of Fit Friday comes to us from Jason Wolf, TruFit Specialist at our Roseville store. Fit Friday is a series in which we discuss common issues of fit that bicyclists deal with. Every rider just as every rider’s body is unique, and time spent with a trained fitter is the single best upgrade …

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Pinarello FP Zero Road Bike – New at Erik’s

Road biking has become wildly popular in recent years, and not just for “serious riders” as some people think. Women and men, young and old; couples and families, there really is no one type of road rider. It is for this reason that we sometimes struggle with the best way to get that family of …

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